We make your software
conquer new markets

The only team you'll ever need
to market and sell your software.

We're an agile, results-driven team of marketing and business outsourcing experts.
With 15+ years of experience in the software industry, we know all the right recipes to make your business successful.

Digital marketing

We conduct super effective, multi-channel marketing campaigns which help your products reach new audiences.

Sales outsourcing & lead generation

Everything you need to sell your software effectively - no matter if you just need some extra help in doing it yourself, or want to outsource it completely.

Affiliative partnerships

We engage in very close affiliative partnerships with software houses to deliver the most effective solutions, tailor-fit to your needs.

Our Services

The cornerstone of our approach is to only provide the services that our clients actually need.
That's why we create custom packages for each project we take on.

Content Creation

Memorable and precisely crafted content which builds your brand, keeps your community engaged, and drives conversions.

Marketing campaigns

Expertly planned and exectuded campaigns across a variety of channels: ads, mailing, social media, and more to give your product the widest possible exposure.

Market research

Dilligent reaserch of the market for your products: your competition, audience, niches ready to be filled and already highly saturated areas.

Lead creation

Quality leads interested in buying your solutions, delivered straight to your CRM
to help you save the time and money of your sales team.


We can take over from your sales and marketing departments completety, so you can only focus on the core of your business - developing gamechanging solutions.

Process maangement

Consultancy projects aimed at refinng your marketing and sales processes; this way we eliminate their weak links and increase effectiveness.






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Our Values

We're committed to establishing long and fruitful partnerships with our clients. Building them, we value honesty, transparency, and smooth communication above everything else.

In our work, we're data and results-driven. Before starting any project, we conduct extensive research to set realistic goals, and come up with measurable goals. Then we track them meticulusly during our work.

Strategy & Analysis 92%
Business growth 85%
Setting & achieving goals 100%

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Company name: Adcoll Ab

ADDRESS: Office 202, Kistagången 20B STOCKHOLM, 16440, Sweden